Identify your high-risk areas – 24 hours in advance

QUORI™ is a unique predictive intelligence capability that proactively identifies high risk areas in a range of scenarios – from large scale mining concessions and conservation areas, to contained storage facilities and warehouses.

It is the only platform of its kind to provide actionable information and a dynamic intelligence collection capability that works for all users – even those without technical or intelligence backgrounds.

QUORI at work


QUORI predictions successfully identify a high-risk area


Average 12 month reduction in criminal activity


QUORI predictions resulting in stopped criminal acts

Why we made this

Customisable to your problem set and capable of working with existing information and other feeds, QUORI will provide you with a complete picture of your risk areas and enable you to do more with fewer resources.

Notifications are sent automatically as activity occurs, with thresholds and risk tolerances tailored to each user. As information is populated into QUORI you will see hotspots in activity, empowering you to dynamically task and adapt to changes in threat. The application’s offline capability means that users can still collect data, even in remote locations.

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