Data Analytics

Insights to help you solve your toughest challenges and drive growth

Our analysts have a proven track record of helping multinational organisations detect and reduce losses, fraud, and operational inefficiencies. Our experts are committed to finding and fixing hard problems, and identifying ways you can scale further.

We have helped organisations across multiple sectors including oil and gas, mining, conservation, engineering, and NGOs.

Intelligence meets innovation

Using years of criminal data and trend analysis, Anuera-designed machine learning algorithms highlight where your highest risk of health and safety issues, internal theft, illegal mining, poaching, and other types of criminality will be in the next 24 hours.

Simultaneously, our QUORI™ mobile application lets your people continuously collect data, identifying previously undetected trends. A tracking function supports audit, planning, and provides assurance that assets are operating as intended.

Predict your risk areas and put assets where they are most needed

Within just a few weeks of use, QUORI identifies the factors shaping the issues you face, predicting the highest risk areas of your operations 24 hours in advance. The information enables you to disrupt emerging threats, make better use of resources, reduce losses and increase profitability.

Our platform can integrate any information you already collect, so that your existing systems and data work together to provide you with a complete, auditable and predictive picture.

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